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Standard for technical construction of double flange joint sfor water supply and drainage projects

The advanced technology construction of double flange joints:

Double flange power delivery joint by the body, sealing ring, main components, flexible gland etc.. Double flange joints are suitable for both sides of the pipe with flange connection, the installation of the product at both ends and the flange of the installation length, the diagonal fund raising evenly tighten the pressure cover bolts, so that it becomes a whole, and has a certain displacement quantity, convenient installation and maintenance, according to the field feet inch adjustment. In the work, the axial thrust is transferred to the entire pipeline.

Double flange force joint advantages: easy to install, easy to install the valve;

The characteristics of the double flange joints: one side flange, one side welding method.

Double flange joints in the pipeline operation has a certain displacement function, can ease the pipeline operation in the blind plate thrust, the pipeline plays a certain protective role, in particular the pipeline installation and maintenance provides a great convenience, but in the pump outlet and pipe joints, because the transmission force of the bolt (i.e., all wire bolts) can pump the pump and pipe each part, to avoid thrust concentrated in the pipe or pump near the end of the impact damage equipment. Easy to install, easy to install, can withstand the axial tension line.