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Loose load transfer joint is how to complete the work in limiting outdoor water supply pipe leak condition

Loose load transfer joint is how to complete the work in limiting outdoor water supply pipe leak condition?

Loose fitting joints have a certain anti leakage effect, prevent water infiltration, flow, drip to the lower level. In the room where there is water, there is water room (kitchen, toilet, etc.), the casing height should be higher than the survival of the ground 50mm, plastic pipe to the casing should be higher than the survival of 100mm above. And the application of tight sealing ointment.

Through the analysis, the method has two: one is the height of the casing is low; the two is the height, although it is enough, but the sealing of the casing is not strict. The solution is simple, the outdoor water supply pipe, due to the limited conditions, from septic tanks net space to the specification requirements, must also be in water supply pipeline plus sleeve length according to the design requirement to do. When the condition is limited, the indoor water supply pipe must be passed through the drainage pipe, and the water supply pipe must be set up with the loose joint, the length of the casing should not be less than the design requirements.