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Flange leakage solution

Flange in the use of the process due to the improper use of the flange connection or the use of the first long and the leakage of the situation, there is such a situation users do not panic. First check the leak site, at the site of leak in general due to the flange clearance minimum impossible through the gap into the sealant to eliminate leakage. Sealing construction method according to the leak site site survey, for the realization of the finite closure, the clamp is used for fixing the entrapment of leak sealing cavity is formed, into the sealant, thereby eliminating leakage. Side of the fixture is customized, the first fixture to meet the inclusion leak, establish the valve flange and pipe flange connection between the joint flange sealing cavity for the first point. In order to prevent due to hold pressure so that the body and the flange gap potential leakage and leakage, fixture and the outer side of the flange of the valve body in the anastomotic ring cavity injection plastic. Because of the displacement of the flange in the process of injection, the clamp is used to clamp the clamp. In operation when after curing of the encapsulant, after observing the effect, local injection compression repair, prevent stress relaxation, then closed the hole injection agent.