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Wear resistant tube use range

Wear resistant pipe fittings including wear-resisting bend, straight, tee, reducer, Fangyuan Festival, reducer structure, mainly used for pneumatic pump, slurry feeding and conveying pipeline. Because of the high hardness, high flow rate and flow characteristics of the transport medium, the medium has long lasting impact on the pipe wall, wear, corrosion, etc.. According to the different wear conditions, the wear resistant line is also different. Wear-resisting ceramic liner pipe (lining of aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, zirconia, silicon nitride, Theron, aluminum nitride, boron nitride and other); wear-resisting alloy pipe; tortoiseshell net wear-resistant pipe fittings; steel and rubber wear resistant pipe; wear resistant steel plastic tube; wear-resistant cast stone pipe; wear self propagating composite pipe; dilute soil wear-resistant alloy tube. Loading and unloading of pneumatic conveying wear-resisting bend except for coal-fired power plant ash, slag discharge pipe, powder, powder return pipe, desulfuration pipeline, but also widely used in the following industries: mining; coal industry coal water slurry, washing coal slime, mine filling, coal mine; metal mine; concentrate and tailings conveying wear-resisting bend head; metallurgy; iron and steel plant of ironmaking blast furnace coal injection, slag conveying pipeline; Cao, zinc Bei sand conveying pipe, steel, iron alloy, furnace refining preferred wear-resisting bend; cement plant; wet process rotary kiln production line of raw slurry conveying, pulverized coal conveying, lifting machine material, cement products, concrete conveying wear-resisting bend. Chemical plant; pulverized coal conveying pipe, powder material conveying wear-resisting bend.

Steel, wear-resistant pipe and traditional wear-resistant alloy cast steel, steel, steel tubes and rubber tube has essential difference. Wear resistant pipe outer layer is seamless steel pipe, the inner layer is corundum. The hardness of corundum layer is HV1100-1400, which is equivalent to 20 times higher than that of carbon steel. Wear-resistant pipes and wear resistance is mainly rely on the inner layer several millimeters thick alumina layer, this than alloy wear-resistant cast steel pipe, cast stone pipes on both composition and microstructure, also depends on the thickness of wear has been a qualitative leap. Wear resistant pipeline quickly occupied the market, in addition to high quality, good performance, but also in its performance price ratio is higher than other wear-resistant corrosion-resistant heat pipe. In the same specification of unit length and wear-resisting pipe, wear-resisting pipe weight only the wear-resistant alloy cast steel pipe of about, the per meter project cost decrease by 20% - 30%; a third of the weight of the only cast stone pipe, per meter reduce project price 5% - 10%; wear resistant pipeline used in high-temperature and corrosive occasions, only the price of stainless steel tube, nickel titanium tube of a fraction.